Running the oracle node

This page will describe how to run the oracle
First of all, you must request access to this git repo from the Mixbytes dev team (the repo will be opened soon). After that, clone this repo on your host:
git clone [email protected]:mixbytes/lido-dot-ksm-oracle.git
Send your address to the Mixbytes dev team (a private key from this address will be used to sign oracle transactions). In the repo, you can see running details and customize running parameters.

Running with default parameters in Docker

Specify the private key of the address that you sent to the Mixbytes dev team and run the command:
docker run -d --name kusama-lido-oracle -p <PORT_ON_YOUR_HOST>:8001 --env ORACLE_PRIVATE_KEY=<PRIVATE_KEY_TO_YOUR_ADDRESS> mixbytes/lido-dot-ksm-oracle:v1.0.0
PRIVATE_KEY_TO_YOUR_ADDRESS - oracle private key
PORT_ON_YOUR_HOST - prometheus metrics port